In this video, Paul Hogan does it stand-up comedy version, but the real-life version sucks a lot more than stand-up (which I also do too, the name of my act is Have Viagra, Will Travel).
("Thats not a knife - Crocodile Dundee" clip on YouTube)
I'm on a farm and a gang banger with tattoos from his head to his toe including the tear-drop gets dropped off there to "give him a chance at a better life" or some such idiotic thing.
It's just me and him and the lady who comes by once a week to help keep the farmhouse straight.
The gang banger goes after her and I strap my rifle on my back and escort her to her car and she drives off.
The banger comes at me with switchblade pocket knives in his pockets *clearly* expecting to wrestle the rifle off my back. He gets within 5 (earlier I said 3 but I have calmed down a lot since then and I took the edges off some of my statements because I want to be polite) feet when I put my hand on my Bowie knife and he changes his mind but starts searching for that firearm somewhere on the farm that somebody forgot to put away. I run him off the property and the person who dropped him off tells me I handled the situation wrong.
I didn't know they considered the banger as part of their family and they knew him for twenty years but they never saw his banger side but I did and therefore for all practical purposes his is a banger because yes yes yes he has a banger as one of his personalities. He probably hears voices from a lifetime of huffing and shooting-up and sharing needles and whatever. He is A=A, not A=B as some say.
You can't make this stuff up.