Some people say an agnostic is an atheist without guts. I say it's person undecided as to whether or not there is a God or the equivalent.

I choose to call what most people say as "God" as "The Flow of Life". To most people unconventional equals agnostic, so if it works for them it works for me.

I'm not an atheist in the the way Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris are, because they both claim one hundred percent proof there's no such thing as a God or the equivalent.

I experience the Flow of Life I as a combination of God and Satan, like the Yin-Yang. Between the two, which is the good and which is bad? I gotta figure it out for myself because I am a free thinker. Conventional culture presents religions as very limited set of multiple choice answers and you better choose one of those conventional answers or you are on the border of being a social outcast; the other considerations for your outcast status being similar shallow prolefeed conformance.

R1 change: Para four's last sentence had "choose" misspelled as cruise; I then rewrote the same sentence.