About Me - "He not busy being born is busy dyin' " - Bob Dylan
I'm de jure retired but de facto trying to get some professional projects off the ground; and I do some travelling.

I'm a THC only stoner 24-7-365 except for occasional one-week refocus stints of no mood altering substances. Being a stoner is a highly disciplined lifestyle because it's like you got the creative part of your mind going but for non-creative things like fixing stuff, you gotta be able to do it on autopilot. Thus if I'm stoned, I only do what I know I can do on autopilot and not new stuff. I'm also a writer-in-progress in the self-destructive way like Hemingway, Orwell, and Tesla because sometimes I learn things the hard way aka first hand voluntary experience living on the street -- and I say Tesla because he and I both had/have OCD and manic bordering but not crossing over into the psychotic -- for instance with him it was draw designs and make notes 24-7-365 with zero personal relationships; and for instance with me I took a lump sum ($72,000) from the USAF instead of retiring which would be like $3,000@mo now -- the reason was OCD and manic just like Tesla dropping his claims on AC power for his cause of spreading AC over DC (him against Thomas Edison; a manic but not OCD dude) and Tesla dying poor when he could have just renegotiated for one penny on the dollar and have mega comfortable money.

I presently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA, and love most of the folks and environment here. I wake up each day and:

1. Commit to being polite, helpful, and spiritual all day long unless someone tries to force something on me; then I resolve that and get back to being polite, helpful, and spiritual.

1.a. For instance in the song lyrics "It's Allright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)", Bob Dylan wrote "He not busy...", but I interpret his meaning as "He/She/Etcetera/It'sAllGood not busy..." because I indirectly know Bob because I'm about his age and I indirectly grew up with him via social networking -- except back then it was a social one way top -> down media that sometimes couldn't suppress genius such as Bob. Bob was

1.b. We homo sapiens as a species have now become the Global Village Marshall McLuhan and other futurists predicted long ago. McLuhan also said "The Media is the message." I interpret that as "The media is the connection" because now media is two-way.

2. Work on media projects, mostly researching and writing.

3. Exercise/Labor/Work.

4. Do overhead stuff (Housekeeping, repairing, shopping, etc.)

5. Do rest and relaxation stuff.

6. Note: The above five steps include jumping back-and-forth between steps and usually but not always starting them in order.

Now I have 5 websites and they overlap in subject but not too bad:
- Working on the memoirs of my Vietnam War Generation.
- Whatever war one's government has going on when one is of military conscription age marks one's generation, not bogus war memory hole labels like "baby-boomer", "millennial, gen x, etc.
  • Baby boomer my ass because I am the Vietnam war generation because each generation is a war generation, a democide generation, a holocaust generation, a massacre generation, a lynch mob hanging generation, etcetera; and names like "babyboomer" and "millennial" are Orwellian language-takeover scams. I have the perspective of a primatologist and we as a species are presently causing the sixth extinction. I've been inside ICBM silos, submarines, and all types of military aircraft and this world has so many active nukes pointed at each other right now that it's a miracle if we as a species show up to our next meal.
  • "Rudolph Joseph Rummel (October 21, 1932 – March 2, 2014[1]) was professor of political science who taught at the Indiana University, Yale University, and University of Hawaii. He spent his career studying data on collective violence and war with a view toward helping their resolution or elimination. Rummel coined the term democide for murder by government (compare genocide), such as the Stalinist purges and Mao's Cultural Revolution." - Wikipidia 20180703

- My stand-up comedy routine.
- The new URL has about another day to work it through the system.
- Presently it forwards to petewalker.me but in the future it will be stand-alone plus I can put screenplays there or samples of screenplays to contract to produce.
- Ditto above except short URL and because it's not ".com", it went through the system fast and works now and only cost $3 a year.
- About what has been and is going on in my life.
About economics, politics, bogus history, sheeple, etc.