Neil Young - Throw Your Hatred Down
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Published on Dec 26, 2011


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Greg LaPointe | 1 year ago
Mirrorball is just a great rock and roll record! With Pearl Jam as backing band it has such a full guitar sound

realfamousguy | 2 years ago
mr neil young. speaking for sanity first. that's why he's our canadian icon

MrJylong | 2 years ago
Pearl Jam is like a rocket for Neil - Mirror ball explodes in a cloud of stars -- sensational...

ZERO XX77 | 4 years ago
Remember seeing neil and pearl jam [ reading uk ] 96, awesome set list and finished with this and im the ocean ,......Always a genius .

hairymarx | 3 years ago
"Throw your weapons down."

PuffetePuffete | 5 years ago
I bought this album when I was 15 y.o Fantastic album. If I had it on vinyl, now it would be consumed by the number of plays

Alexander Tso | 3 years ago
Underrated. Why didn't this become a hit back in '95?

Steve Paradiso | 3 years ago
One of Neil Young's most important songs. Almost 20 years on, and the message resonates loud and clear.

Sam Pelczarski | 5 years ago
Neil at his rockin' best! Guitar is mean as hell! One of the best he ever did.

Anne P | 2 years ago
Beautiful! Amazingly good. Full on Neil guitar work, but remember that the jammer's were playing too. Oh, but not Ed. Still....